Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Idioms...based on food

We have a number of common expressions which are derived from food and drink items. It is said that association is a technique which helps us to remember things, so I have grouped the following idioms into those that you might associate with drinks and the main meal and those you might associate with snacks, fruit and afternoon tea. They should give you some food for thought which is another such idiom:
  • Thank you for your suggestions and constructive criticism. They have certainly given me some food for thought.

Drinks and main meal
1. small beer
2. the hard stuff
3. a different kettle of fish
4. a couch potato
5. a hot potato
6. take with a pinch of salt
7. pie in the sky
8. the upper crust
9. fair game
10. stew in your own juice
11. in a fine/pretty pickle
12. a raw deal

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Healthy food...

Why we need to eat healthy food?

Eating healthfully means consuming only the foods and drinks that are appropriate to your nutritional needs. Following a healthy diet provides your body with all of the energy and nutrients it needs to maintain healthy organs and to function properly, while encouraging optimal development and growth.

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